Have you ever done something dangerous in the car when the adrenaline shoots through your veins when you are fifteen minutes late to your life? I know I have. Being late is a huge trigger for most of us given our busy, stressed, and over scheduled lives.

When speeding is your normal go to, it can be rage producing to be behind someone driving like a snail.
As a therapist, I see the nicest people admit to having road rage. Emboldened by a huge hunk of metal, we feel invincible in our cars.

When speeding is the norm, it is hard to slow down. We never have enough time so we can see why almost all car accidents are due to human error. Even when you are not the aggressor, when provoked, people retaliate with road rage.

You can make your commute a meditation. Often we resist mental health practices like meditation because they cause us to slow down and feel. Need more me time in your life? Who doesn’t? Learn how to get intentional and come to enjoy being trapped in the car.

Radical acceptance is the way to take your long commute from deadly to heavenly. Learn to self soothe, breathe, and enjoy your time on the road.

I will totally admit I am not a morning person and am chronically five minutes late. My worst mommy melt downs typically involve getting out the door with my kiddo. That is a great way to ruin the rest of the day and perpetuate a shame spiral.

Traffic stress is inevitable. My Motto is “If you can’t make it better, don’t make it worse.”

Whenever we experience anger, it is all about our goals being blocked and out need being unmet. So our goal to get to work or school is being blocked by the sea of cars eliciting feelings of being trapped. Cue coffee and adrenaline for a heightened fight and flight response.


BREATHE- Take deep breathes to prevent panic.
PLAN AHEAD- Give yourself an extra 15 minutes.
INTENTION- Affirm that you can get there versus chanting “I’m going to be late.”
ACCEPTANCE- When you are really late, there is nothing you can do but be late.
MINDFULNESS- Breathe, Slow down, and Less Judgment.
LESS JUDGMENT-Don’t make yourself a bad person for having a bad day. Let that shit go.
SOCIAL SUPPORT- Use a life line. Phone a friend to pass a long commute.
OPPOSITE ACTION- Anger begets anger. Don’t let yourself act out your road rage. Road rage is responsible for 30 deaths a year, not worth it.
SELF SOOTHE- Do something fun. Listen to music or a podcast to calm down.
MANIFEST- Build momentum by asking for help from your spirit guides and affirm “I am always on time.”