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A one-on-one coaching container for the woman is ready for the spotlight, to stand in her power, and attract ready-to-buy fans like a Diva!

Hello Healers, Coaches, and Leaders of the Feminine Revolution!

Creating a successful business doesn’t have to just be a dream.. and it can be your reality.

The Diva One-on-One Mentorship will create income and impact. With my Diva Formula, you will create a successful pleasure-based business based on the FOUR areas of focus: Human Design, Intuition, Visibility, and Action.


  • You are in your head comparing yourself to all the other divas. You know your content is powerful and dream of starting a revolution. But, first you need paying clients, so you can quit your day job or make big money in your biz. Don’t hate that Diva Coach. You can be her!
  • You are procrastinating getting on camera. You get shy when you self promote or try to sell. Even when you make your grand diva entrance, its like your mic isn’t even on. Instead of an audience ready to pay to be in your very presence, you are sweating in the cold, hot spotlight.
  • Your FB group feels like a drag. You feel exposed being the main DIVA, sharing your secrets, drumming up content, doing those tired theme days only for your followers to ghost you when its time for sales.
  • You feel afraid that you aren’t as good as all the other coaches. Anytime you scroll, comparison thieves all your joy. You feel like you got jilted & it’s triggering some serious abandonment issues. You want all the attention, an adoring audience, and to attract the business of your dreams.
  • You tried all the tricks to optimize your profile, a webinar funnel, and begging for free discovery sessions & high ticket sales. You can’t write the content you want because you are scared to be seen in all your glory. You are heavily invested & can’t come as you are.
  • You’ve snoozed through your morning mindset sessions. Divas aren’t morning people. Still on brand. You think its hard to sell, show up, and your shame is definitely getting in the way.
  • You are scared to be successful, even though you are a true diva with a big soul mission. You are scared to decide, listen to your intuition, get visible and take action because deep down you are afraid of the freedom of doing it your way and truly claiming your deepest desires!
  • You are blocking yourself from receiving your maximum level of compliments, pleasure, checks, passive income, community, and power.



Trust me I’ve been there…

You’ve been creating content, but its a copycat, watered down version of what you really want to say.

You’ve hired all the coaches, been in all the containers, and your credit card is cussing you.
Your strategy has been all of the above and you’ve tried everything but not stuck with anything long enough for it to work.

Patriarchal Biz Strategy tells us work harder, but the DIVA way is much easier.

Is your strategy eating up your soul?

  • They told you to show up no matter what – now you are burnt out on helping for free.
  • They told you coaching clichés on how to make 10k – but so far only your coach is 10k richer.
  • They told you riches were in the niches – but you want to help all humans & humanity.
  • They told you to monetize your gifts, but you are afraid to charge your worth.
  • They told you to show up strong, but you feel like you are doing it all wrong.
  • They told you to start a FB group, but you dread logging on.
  • You are beginning to think you have an expensive hobby, not a coaching career!

You want to be a diva being handfed green M&Ms but you feel like you’ve been fed a get rich quick scheme!

You see less talented coaches killing it and you’ve been killing yourself trying to make your biz go!

I get it! I thought becoming a coach would be super easy!

Have you ever spent hours scrolling on social media looking at other people’s success and asking yourself, “why not me?”

Trust me I’ve been there…

I was a psychologist making 10k months in my brick and mortar biz only working part time.

I invested a small fortune on a credit card to become the feminine CEO of my dreams, but I curated a FB community for about a year before I made my first sales.

I did lives, dropped the phone, looking straight in my own eyes, taking to an audience of one (a true diva move- to love herself first).

I had friends and family judge me and concerned that I joined a cult or worse an MLM!

I got kicked out of FB groups, spammed people, offended people all while trying to do the right thing.

I wrote vanilla content, I had zero launches, I spent more money on coaches.

If I were not a true diva, I would have definitely given up.

Your lack of online success in not your fault!

My Divine Feminine Diva 1:1 Mentorship is about doing the inner work to get the outer results-more money, clients, and all the success and confidence you crave.

It just means you need to develop your divine feminine power to get the results you deserve!

Imagine Receiving your dream client, biz, and life without having to work harder!

Imagine an engaged audience of ready to pay clients who hang on your every word diva.

Imagine all those hearts flooding your videos as you heal the world with your powerful voice- so you never have to feel audience abandonment feels.

What would it be like to ditch the client avatar and attract real, actual paying clients that were divinely decided to be part of your destiny?

How would it feel to get payment notification, reoccurring monthly incomes, no sales calls, and waitlists by being more selfish, lazy, and all pleasured up in your biz?

Wouldn’t you love to be FB famous, kill your lives, and develop a cult following where people buy, even without a sales page?

What if it got to truly be easy and pleasurable to fill your programs every single time you launched?

What if people loved the real you and trusted your big vision of your very own divine feminine revolution? (ps. Women are taking over the world and you are part of this revolution)

You just need my DIVA Formula to turbocharge your feminine power and learn to receive easily pleasure, compliments, sales, clients, and income.

You need to focus on the inner work, not hustling through the outer work.

My Diva formula will show you how to use social media to start a revolution.

humble brag: (insert the part about being a psychologist and legit saving lives so I know a thing or too about shadow work and shit)

It took me 10 years of getting my doctorate, fifteen years of healing trauma with clients and almost two years as a coach to undo all the damage from the patriarchy around fear, hustle and scarcity to learn to trust my feminine wiles and diva-fy my biz……

My DIVA Formula will help you build a pleasure based biz, design souled out (divinely inspired) offers and launches, and monetize your big powerful voice for total world domination like any true diva longs for….

Becoming a diva will help you grow income and impact just by tapping into your intuition.

Becoming a Diva is not as easy as it sounds….sometimes putting yourself first, being a pleasure hedonist, and trusting the effing universe is enough to drive you crazy.

A diva will not cold DM, spam people or peddle low ticket or free sessions.

A diva can magnetize the money by simply saying the things other are afraid to say.

I invite you into your own fantasy where you get paid to be the center of attention surrounded by other powerful women changing the world.

Introducing the DIVA 1:1 Program in a Nutshell

DIVA is an intimate one on one mentorship where we pleasure your biz by making you the star of your own show!

Inner work Is the key to our results.

I will walk you through a deep dive into my complete DIVA system to heal your visibility wounds, inner child, soul retrieval, or energy healing so you can enjoy your life, business, and most importantly trust yourself to say yes to you.

The truth is you don’t need to prove yourself to anyone.

You can do whatever the fuck you want using internet marketing to become famous and support a life style of personal growth, social activism, time freedom, and money, honey!

This program will teach you how to leverage your inner DIVA!

D – Design – Learn human design to maximize your results, create a business that works with your design and feels really good!

I – Intuition – Learn soul based strategy to let your higher self diva your destiny.

V – Visibility – Learn how to show up as the strongest, fearless, bravest version of the REAL you!

A – Action – Feminine power + action is the way to get results. Loving accountability to get it done the goddess way.

My high level 1:1 mentorship will teach you how to leverage your voice to create content, clients and cash without having to work all the time, exploit yourself, do things that feel sleazy.

So you can finally see you creative destiny show up in the form of a coaching practice, your signature program, a unified brand identity, and a ready to invest audience without procrastinating, perfectionism, or being too pushy.



  • Leverage your personality to create impact and income online to be visible from your soul fam who are in desperate need of your services, even if you have tried it all before with lackluster results.
  • Grow your community and develop client attraction systems, so you can repurpose content and let your big voice do all the selling.
  • Tap into your internal validation while getting all the comments, engagements and compliments your inner diva desires (everyone loves hard to get energy).
  • Become magnetic by being the 100% unfiltered version of who you are and get really good at lives, sales, and showing up strong without peeing your pants when you hit post.
  • Bond with YOUR authentic biz brand, voice, and strategy until it works.
  • Get seen and get sales to hit your biz goals without having to waste time DM’ing, discovery calls, or despairing about your lack of clients and cash.
  • Trust your decisions are always working, release the self doubt and people pleasing that keep us in the toxic feminine.
  • Post money-grabbing content and get full into feminine power.

Your DIVA one-on-one mentorship includes:

Instant Access to:

  • A 3 month or 6 month coaching mentorship individualized to your needs to Diva-fy your business and specific to your needs to maximize results.
  • 3 – 60 minute 1:1 sessions per month over zoom. We will help your monetize your community, courses, and content to get you ideal clients begging for more. This is deep inner work to get you tapped into your feminine power, increase your ability to receive and embody your Fearless Revolutionary Leader.
  • Voxer Support Voxer check in support so you can have your coach in your back pocket.

BONUS: You will also receive My Fearless Biz Series – Everything you need to DIVAFY your business with Strategy. 

  • Fearless Getting started – Keep it simple when getting started with your online biz
  • Fearless FB groups – Create a community to attract ready to buy clients
  • Fearless Tech – Ditch tech overwhelm and discover a minimalist approach to tech
  • Fearless Visibility – Monetize your big powerful voice by ditching your visibility fears
  • Fearless Mindset – Create a millionaire mindset practice
  • Fearless Embodiment – Step into your next level leader with presence and magnetism
  • Fearless Content Creation – Create content that gets seen and gets sales
  • Fearless Soul Based Strategy – Intuitive business strategy to work smarter, not harder
  • Fearless Sales – Learn how to view sales as service so you can sell like a boss
  • Fearless Pleasure & Boundaries – Learn when to say yes or no to increase your pleasure


3 Months

Pay In Full
$ 3500 Once
  • Three (3) 60-minute sessions per month for 3 months
  • Voxer Support
  • One (1) Free Bonus 60-minute session for Pay In Full

3 Months

Payment Plan
$ 1333 per month
  • Three (3) 60-minute sessions per month for 3 months
  • Voxer Support
  • Flexible Monthly Payments - affordable program

6 Months

Pay In Full
$ 6000 Once
  • Three (3) 60-minute sessions per month for 6 months
  • Voxer Support
  • TWO (2) Free Bonus 60-minute sessions for Pay In Full

6 Months

Payment Plan
$ 1111 per month
  • Three (3) 60-minute sessions per month for 3 months
  • Voxer Support
  • One (1) Free Bonus 60-minute session for Pay In Full