Megan MacNamara – Monday, PhD | Psychologist
Megan MacNamara, PhD | Psychologist
Right On Brain is an affordable, accessible way to learn the skills it takes to get – and stay – happy.
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Hi my name is Dr. Megan MacNamara. I’m a holistic psychologist in Knoxville, Tennessee. Why do I love working with my clients? Like you, I’m all heart – and I can help you change your life by showing you strong support, approval and encouragement.

My intention, to make therapeutic and positive media available to all, led me to my approach affectionately called Right On Brain. Learn ways to reduce flight, flight or freeze, and to use your intuition to heal trauma and get your head right.

Is life too scary, busy or expensive to see me in my office? Try an online healing session. You can experience the same high-level access without ever getting in the car. Subscriptions available for mixed-media therapeutic content on the Go.

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Together we’ll reprogram negative conditioning. Through intuition, affirmation, visualization and creativity, you’ll find yourself saying yes to life.
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Use skills to activate your right brain so that inner peace is possible no matter what the crisis.
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Have you been told you’re too sensitive? Welcome to your new super power!
You are here to create a new paradigm shift.
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Your just one blog article away from getting out of your head and getting your head right today! Stay in the know with Megan’s doses of inspiration, mini therapy sessions, hot topics and uplifting content.
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Find products targeted to heal your life and support the work you’re doing in our sessions. These delicious goodies including ebooks, psychology printables, and self soothers are retail therapy without the guilt.
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Mental health starts with gut health…
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“She’s amazing! I’m so thankful to have her in my life. She has a calm, comfortable, and healing energy within her that helped me feel safe from the start.”

Brandy B, Client

“Megan is Amazing!!! I really don’t know where I would be without her!”

Reed C, Client

“Megan combines EMDR, DBT, and Art Therapy and a seemingly magical ability to hear the truth behind words. In doing so, she creates the perfect therapeutic recipe for healing.”

Kelley W, Client

“She is the best listener, most compassionate, intuitive, balanced and knowledgeable therapist on the planet!”

Karen B, Client